Airwheel:When the suitcase starts to slash, the journey will be more interesting and free

"Slash Youth", this term is familiar to everyone.

This is a group of young people who are not satisfied with a single occupation and have multiple occupational identities. They are casual, free, and more motivated and creative.

In fact, it is not only some people who have such a slash spirit. With the help of technology, many daily equipment in our lives now show this characteristic. Among them, there are various types of smart luggage launched by Airwheel.

They get rid of the stereotype, and no longer only meet the user's single "storage" needs, but become more diversified through the integration of cutting-edge technology, bringing a brand-new intelligent deployment method to the journey.
It can be ridden, followed, and its color can be customized

Since it wants to change the luggage in the public perception and is no longer limited by the traditional luggage, Airway naturally no longer sticks to changes in the material and appearance of the luggage, but starts from the functional use more boldly. Fully running the brain hole, it has successively launched many series of different types of suitcases.

There is a smart riding box that can be used for riding instead of walking.

This is a series of products developed to solve the fatigue of traveling. The bottom of the box is equipped with a powerful motor wheel, and a reasonable electric drive structure is designed. , Stations and other occasions walking broken leg situation. The riding speed can reach 9km/h-13km/h, which is faster than the conventional walking speed. While saving labor, it also means that the travel efficiency can be fully improved, which is very powerful. Moreover, among the series of smart riding boxes, there are also exclusive riding boxes for children aged 3-6, fully covering the needs of users of all ages.
There is a smart follower box that frees your hands.

This type of smart suitcase is equipped with a UWB high-precision positioning module. Users only need to wear a smart bracelet and turn on the follow mode, and the suitcase will actively locate the owner's coordinate information and drive the suitcase to follow. The box is also equipped with ultrasonic, infrared and other sensing modules, which can independently identify and determine obstacles in the surrounding environment, and calculate a reasonable avoidance and detour plan in time to ensure smooth follow-up, avoid collisions, and use without any worries.
There is also a light smart luggage with customizable color schemes specially launched for fashionistas. There are as many as five colors of the box shell alone, including classic fire-extracted rock black and brushed silver, stylish and generous nebula white, and beautiful and bold glacier blue and desert rose pink. At the same time, the decorative lighting on the box body can also be adjusted through the exclusive smart APP. There are 8 colors and 3 lighting effects, which can fully customize the color matching that is more suitable for wearing and the current location, and freeze the wonderful moments. Not only that, but it also has intelligent unlocking and intelligent searching functions. The former changes the traditional way of using the suitcase that needs to remember the password, and realizes the convenient operation of unlocking the suitcase through the NFC or Bluetooth connection of the mobile phone; the latter allows the user to access the suitcase Provides convenience, once the smart search mode is enabled, the suitcase will automatically buzz to remind the owner to pay attention, which is very convenient.

The core driving force of innovation is strong technical strength

For product innovation, brains alone are not enough to make ideas come to fruition, and strong technical strength is also required.

For a long time, Airwheel has attached great importance to the cultivation of technology research and development capabilities. In addition to gathering creative and technical research and development personnel in China, it also established a European technology research and development center in Brussels, Belgium, equipped with nearly 100 engineers and technicians.

At present, it has 400 patents in the world, 4 PCT invention patents, 18 soft works, 188 invention patents, 13 international invention patents, and 2 international IF awards.
A slash, not a stitch monster

One thing with multiple uses is not just a matter of simple functional stitching, but the effectiveness and experience of use must be fully considered. Therefore, the belief of "details first" must be carried out to the end!

Considering that traveling on a flight is no longer a low-demand event, people tend to prefer boarding suitcases when purchasing suitcases. Therefore, Airway has launched various series of smart suitcases, all of which have models that can meet boarding needs. . Not only the volume of their boxes conforms to the international 20-inch boarding case standard, but the lithium battery also adopts a detachable design with a plug-in structure, and the capacity meets the relevant boarding regulations. It only needs to be quickly disassembled before the security check, and you can pass smoothly and board the plane with you .
If "boarding" is a detail element that many people will actively pay attention to, then the basic function of "storage" is easily overlooked. In fact, the suitcase does not only have space to fully meet the "storage" needs, but also needs to have reasonable space partitions. Airwheel smart luggage has reasonable functional partitions. In addition to the main space for placing large items, there are also storage bags of different capacities that can store various small items such as documents, pens, and Bluetooth headsets. Get organized with ease. Moreover, in order to further achieve flexible access to luggage during the journey, Airwheel smart luggage adopts a side-opening design, and an adjustable buckle is designed between the lid and the box body, so that the luggage can be completely It can also be opened to a 45° half-open state through the buckle, which is more suitable for temporary access to some small items, and can ensure that the luggage does not scatter out, which is very convenient and considerate.

Smart, interesting and caring, the smart luggage launched by Airwheel will definitely become the mainstream choice for travel in the future, bringing more comfortable and enjoyable journeys to more people!

Choose Elway, intelligence makes life more free!

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