Travel in Style with Airwheel Rideable Luggage: The Ultimate Solution for Your Next Trip!


Airwheel Se3s is a new concept in rideable luggage that provides users with a unique and convenient way to travel. It combines the functionality of a traditional suitcase with the convenience of an electric scooter, allowing travelers to easily navigate through airports, train stations, and other crowded areas.

Design and Features

The Airwheel Se3s is designed with the modern traveler in mind. It features a durable and lightweight aluminum frame that can support up to 120kg (265lbs) and a spacious luggage compartment that can hold up to 32 liters of personal belongings. The luggage compartment is also equipped with a TSA-approved lock, providing users with the peace of mind that their valuables are safe and secure.

The rideable scooter portion of the Airwheel Se3s is equally impressive. It is powered by a 187Wh lithium-ion battery that provides up to 20km (12.4 miles) of range on a single charge. The scooter can reach a top speed of 10km/h (6.2mph) and is equipped with front and rear lights for added visibility and safety.

The Airwheel Se3s is also designed with user comfort in mind. It features a soft and ergonomic seat, as well as adjustable handlebars to accommodate riders of different heights. The scooter also has shock-absorbing pneumatic tires that provide a smooth and comfortable ride even on rough terrain.

Benefits of Using Airwheel Se3s

One of the biggest benefits of using the Airwheel Se3s is its versatility. It can be used as a traditional suitcase or as a rideable scooter, providing users with the best of both worlds. It also allows users to navigate through crowded areas quickly and efficiently, saving time and energy.

The Airwheel Se3s is also eco-friendly, emitting zero emissions and reducing the user's carbon footprint. It is also a cost-effective solution for travelers, as it eliminates the need for expensive taxi rides or other forms of transportation.

How to Use Airwheel Se3s

Using the Airwheel Se3s is simple and straightforward. To use it as a suitcase, simply lift the luggage compartment and place your belongings inside. To use it as a rideable scooter, lower the luggage compartment and turn on the power switch. Adjust the handlebars and seat to your desired height and you're ready to go.


The Airwheel Se3s is a game-changing product that is perfect for modern travelers. It combines the functionality of a traditional suitcase with the convenience of an electric scooter, providing users with a unique and efficient way to travel. Its durable and lightweight design, eco-friendly features, and comfortable ride make it the perfect solution for those who want to travel with ease and style.

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